PETIT NORD Cognac Ladida Flower

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Ladida Flower Sandal (normal fit)

A new favorite of the season! We have created a gorgeous pointel hole pattern, in the shape of little flowers. This beautiful pattern is decorative and placed on the top leather only – there is a lining underneath the pattern. The pattern has a vintage feel and suits our rich, earthy tones wonderfully.

Our sweet Ladida sandal has the prettiness of a ballerina and the practicality of a shoe. The sandal is lovely feminine and at the same time very suitable for everyday use. Very suitable for young girls. The insole is cushioned to ensure low impact.

Sustainability: All shoes are hand-made in 100% ecological, 100% vegetable tanned, 100% biodegradable and 100% chrome-free leathers, with an ecological, chrome-free lining. The soles are lightweight and flexible, made in recycled TR rubber.


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