PETIT NORD Kale Forrest Friends Classic Boot

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Forest Friends Classic Boot (normal to wide fit)

• Introducing our new Forest Friends – our companions from the Woods.
• These enchanting embroideries have been carefully placed, nothing less of a tale, on the back of these boots.
• As you explore the pieces, you will meet our friendly deer, and more friends in form of a bird, a rabbit and squirrel - all nestled into to greens of the forest. A little story unfolds as your child explores these special pieces.
• The classic boot shoe has a firm support and the perfect fit for normal to wider sized feet.
• This shoe is made of leather with an ecological and chrome-free lining.
• The soles are flexible and made of lightweight recycled TR rubber.
• The shoes have a great supporting cushion around the ankle.
• These are suitable as the child’s first walking shoes if the child has a normal to wide foot. Very suitable for older children as well.
• All shoes are hand-made in 100% ecological, 100% vegetable tanned, 100% biodegradable and 100% chrome-free leathers and suedes.

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